2014 Harper County Bullseye BBQ Cook-off

We competed at the 2014 Harper County Bullseye BBQ Cook-off this past weekend. We had a great time and met some new friends. We are really looking forward to seeing them again next year.  We did pretty good. We placed 9th overall out of 30 teams. We placed 19th in pork, 18th in brisket, 9th in chicken, and 5th in ribs. What a way to end our season.  I want to personally thank everyone who supported us over the past year.  We can’t wait until next year.

Wellington Homecoming and Fall Festival BBQ Cook-off



On October 4th we competed in the Wellington Homecoming and Fall Festival BBQ Cook-off. This is our hometown contest. We weren’t sure how we would do, but we were ready. It got pretty cold early Saturday morning, down to about 39 degrees. The weather was wonderful throughout the day. There was a pretty decent crowd before turn in. It was different this time because we are so used to putting the garnish in the boxes, but didn’t have to in this one. We placed 3rd in chicken, 3rd in brisket, 1st in pork, and 1st in ribs. After all of that we won Grand Champion. Even though it was a small event, winning our first Grand Champion in our hometown….priceless. I would like to thank the Bank of Commerce for their support and the Wellington Chamber of Commerce for doing such a great job of putting this event together.

2014 Cherokee Strip Cook-off


Picture 076

On September 20th we competed in the in Ponca City, Oklahoma. You couldn’t ask for better weather. We had a really great time and the ladies for Professionals Today put on another great event. You got to check this event out if you haven’t before. We placed 23rd in chicken, 13th in pork, 29th in ribs, and 34th in brisket. We ran into some heating problems during the night. We found the problem and corrected it. Despite the heating issue we still managed to get a 6th place finish in beans and a 3rd place finish in the anything meat. For the anything meat we entered a smoked fatty. We changed it up a bit and man it was AWESOME! Overall we finished 25th out of 41 entries and I think we did well. Seems as the further we go the better we do.


2014 Derby BBQ Festival

We competed at the Derby BBQ Festival this pass weekend. We had a blast. The City of Derby deserves a BIG pat on the back. The park was well organized and looked awesome. When we arrived on Friday it was a bit chilly and rainy, but you couldn’t ask for better weather on Saturday. We met some new friends as we always do.

We finished 26 overall out of 38 teams. We placed 11th in ribs, 13th in pork, 32 in brisket and 34 in chicken. We also competed for people’s choice and anything bacon. We placed in 10th place for both catagories. overall I think we did well. The margin between us and 1st place in ribs was seven points. The margin between us and 1st place in pork was seven points as well.

We really enjoied having Bill Smith as our volenteer during the people’s choice. This guy can sell a vote.

It was awesome to hang out with Rod Gray of Pellet Envy and David Bouska of Butcher BBQ. These guys are awesome!

Well it’s on to the next one.

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Our New Addition

Built this new smoker this last weekend. Pretty simple to build. Cooked a couple of skinless, boneless chicken breast and some potatoes. They turned out ok, It will take some time to get used to it, but I think it will be a pretty good cooker.

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Cowley County BBQ Contest

On July the 12th we competed at the Cowley County BBQ Contest. We had great time and met some new friends. We finished 10th in pulled pork. I would like to give a big thanks to Marilyn for putting on a great contest

.Cowley County BBQ- July 11 & 12, 2014 058~2       0712140712




Oxford Roundup 2014

Well the first cook-off of our season is in the books. The Oxford Round in Oxford, Kansas was a wet one. But we still had a great time despite the weather. After it was all said and done we placed second place in brisket and won people’s choice. We probably could had done better if mother nature would have been a little kinder, but we’ll take the rain as we really need it to get out of this drought.

Thanks to all of those who voted for us in the people’s choice. Now it’s on to the next one.


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IMG_4299        IMG_4346

Travelin’ Smoke BBQ

In 2009 I was trying to find a new hobby because drag racing was getting too expensive. So I told my wife one day I would love to have a smoker. So we started with a little smoke box that you put your wood chips in and set it in the grill. We liked it so well that  we ended up buying a cheap offset smoker from our local department store. I smoked my first brisket on that smoker. With the smell of the wood burning and the different spices in the air, that was the most relaxing time I think I have had in a long time at that point. At 4:00 in the morning the local paperboy thought it even smelt good.

In 2011 I wanted to try our local competition. So the Pokes BBQ team was formed. Being our first ever competition, we learned some things, actually a lot of things. So we went back to the drawing board. We started doing some cooking for other people which was a building block for us. We got the feedback we were looking for. So in late 2011, we decided to purchase a pellet grill. We made some good food with this unit. We also decided to change our name to Travelin’ Smoke BBQ which we thought was more fitting for our team name.

In 2012 we were invited to a cook-off in Oxford, Kansas. This was our first all night cook. It was a blast (even though we were the only ones with a pellet grill) and we just knew this is what we wanted to do. I really want to thank my buddy Bob Whitlock for giving us that opportunity. We then competed back in Wellington again that same year. We did ok this time, but even though we didn’t win any hardware or money, we felt like we were champions after feeding the group of Army soldiers that were there. AWESOME!!

Since that time we have done numerous fundraisers and built a new smoker that we call Pot Belly. I owe many, many thanks to Steve Collingsworth, Kent Collingsworth, and Arthur (all from Oxford, KS) for helping me built Pot Belly.

IMG_0639                 CSC 2013        Pot Belly                                                              Kyle, Me, & Traci at Ponca City

In 2013 my wife and I decided to go to the next level. This was a huge step. The Cherokee Strip Cook-off in Ponca City, Oklahoma (my old home town) on September 13th and 14th, 2013 was our first KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) event. The KCBS is such an awesome well organized organization. We competed against some nationally and internationally recognized teams and personalities such as Danielle Dimovski of Diva Q from Ontario Canada, Butcher BBQ from Chandler, Oklahoma, and Head Country from Ponca City, Oklahoma just to say a few. It was awesome to be competing against teams that have been on the Kingsford BBQ Pit Masters series on the Destination Channel. We placed 8th in ribs and 4th in beans.  Although we placed 30th overall out of 33 teams, we had a great time. While we were there we were also interviewed for a television show that will be aired on the Travel Channel called “BBQ Crawl”.

The results of the Cherokee Strip Cook-off can be seen on the KCBS website using the following link http://www.kcbs.us/events.php?year=&month=&id=3862.

Our team page can be seen on the KCBS website using the following link http://www.kcbs.us/teams.php?page=11&alph=T&id=72928.

We have such a strong passion for what we do and we would really enjoy having your support in attendance wherever we compete.